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Elm City Energy Solutions in Connecticut is a full service general contracting company with a focus on energy conservation. What sets us apart from other contractors is that our service treats the home as a system of integrated parts where one change affects the whole.

Elm City Energy Solutions can help improve comfort, indoor air quality, and safety—all while lowering your utility bills! If your home is cold and drafty or uncomfortably warm then we have a solution for you. If you have been plagued by ice dams, or are a victim of peeling paint and excessive dust then odds are you have an energy related problem that need to be addressed. If any of these scenarios hit close to home then give us a call—you can greatly benefit from a whole house energy inspection. The best part? Its FREE!

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Our Home Evaluation can make your home more efficient and comfortable for life, and there are rebates of up to 50% and financing starting at 2.99% for qualified customers.

Elm City Energy Solutions is a full service general contracting company with a focus on energy conservation–That’s what sets us apart from other energy companies that merely scratch the surface of energy savings. Our service treats the home as systems of integrated parts where one change affects the whole.

Construction has been the family business since 1959. This is the Elm City difference.

Elm City Energy Solutions is proud to be a triple bottom line company – people, planet, jobs. We help customers save money and add value to their homes, help the environment by reducing the energy load on the grid, and create green construction jobs.


  • 1959 – The Small Agency – Herb Small started the small agency for residential development.
  • 1969 – Named largest condo builder in state.
  • 2005 – Built over 1 million sq ft of residential and commercial projects.
  • 2011 – Began energy conservation services.
Elm City Energy Solutions Happy Family
I have been needing a new furnace for 2 years. Having had several companies quote prices that all exceeded my budget. Elm City came in with a more than fair quote for a great energy efficient furnace. Beau Couden came out, took pictures went threw the entire house checking on not only the furnace but, insulation, windows and all openings where I was loosing heat in my home. By the end of the week I had a quote. The quote came in far less and I was able to apply for the financing with the money back energy save program they offer. I had called and e mailed Beau several times and he always got back to me with an answer. I am happy to say my home is warm and now I am looking to call them for insulation and new Windows this spring. I would highly recommend Elm City

Betsy says Getting ready to call Elm City for Insulation and new Windows!
I used Elm City Solutions to install my boiler, and they did a great job from start to finish. Dealing with them is so easy, they came look at the old one, order a new one installed it, they work clean no mess And they were very polite to to to, answer all my questions proffesionaly, explained in detail so I could understand. On a whole I have no problem in recommending them, and working with them again in the future.

Annie H. says Elm City Solutions
I’ve heard a lot about additional insulation in your attic from an energy conservation standpoint and over-all household heat improvement. When I had my energy audit and the fan test I could actually feel the house getting colder and where the drafts were coming from. I had already signed up for the audit before I met Beau and Elm City Energy Solutions so did not use them for the audit. However, Beau explained the results to me better than the company that did the audit. ECE also came in at a significant savings for the work I wanted done compared to the other supplier. ECE arrived on time and did the job quickly and efficiently. Beau was there the entire time supervising and making sure everything was done properly. I would highly recommend ECE for any job.

Jeff H. says Good Investment
I was very happy and impressed with the level of communication, immediate attention to my questions/concerns, and the fact that all issues I raised were immediately fixed. The manager was on site every day.

Sandra W.
My experience with Elm City Energy Solutions was very good, all of the work was done as promised, Beau and Andrew were very friendly and professional, they made sure all the work was done to my satisfaction . I would certainly recommend them

Barry M.
I highly recommend Elm City Energy! They did an exceptional job installing my new heating system & installing installation. I also saved a lot of money with them, their rates are reasonable. They also made sure I got credit refunds.

Melanie B.
I’m so glad I decided to call! Very personable, insightful, and helpful. I didn’t know there was so much money to be saved. Highly recommend to anyone!

Sebastian S.
Thank you elm city for your “turn key” service through our window installation and financing/rebate assistance with the state of CT. You made a scary mountain seem like an energy efficient molehill! Thank you

Gina C.
I reached out to Elm City energy to get a quote on insulation. They were very quick to tell me about money saving programs, and helped me to use those programs, which in my case was a Home Energy Audit. They scheduled it, called me along the way, and I had NO SURPRISES! The were professional and very flexible with my scheduling needs.

Steve C.