About Elm City Energy Solutions

Elm City Energy Solutions of Connecticut is a full service general contracting company with a focus on energy conservation. What sets us apart from other contractors is that our service treats the home as a system of integrated parts where one change affects the whole.

Elm City Energy Solutions can help improve comfort, indoor air quality, and safety—all while lowering your utility bills! If your home is cold and drafty or uncomfortably warm then we have a solution for you. If you have been plagued by ice dams, or are a victim of peeling paint and excessive dust then odds are you have an energy related problem that need to be addressed. If any of these scenarios hit close to home then give us a call—you can greatly benefit from a whole house energy inspection. The best part? Its FREE!

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Beau Couden
Beau CoudenResidential and Commercial Program Manager
Beau is loved by our customers for his excellent customer service and efficient project management. When you call Elm City Energy Solutions the first person you are going to speak with is Beau—and he will come to your house or business and make energy recommendations for you. Beau is BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified, one of the nations most recognized energy certifications to date. Since graduating from the University of Connecticut in 2013 Beau has been an integral member of the Elm City Energy Team.
Andrew Small
Andrew SmallOwner
Andrew has been in the construction business since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009. His goal is to help customers achieve efficient and comfortable homes through contracting solutions that are financially responsible. Andrew has developed relationships with the areas most reliable contractors in order to help our customers with all of their construction and energy needs.